Holy Cross College (Autonomous)
The first women's college in kanniyakumari District was established by the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod in 1965 in response to the invitation of the then Bishop Agniswamy, Bishop of Kottar with the main purpose of providing University education in a Christian atmosphere to the deserving women students irrespective of caste and creed, with the watchword “Excellence” which is an expression of the Divine. The college is indebted to Rev. Dr. Roch Agniswamy, the late Bishop of Kottar, Rev. Dr. Anthony Muthu, the late Bishop of Vellore, the then parish priest of Kurusady, late Rev. Mother Yvonne Lavorel, the then Superior General and Rev. Mother Marie Cecil Vionnet, the then Provincial of the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod, Province of Tiruchirappalli for assuming responsibility to start this institution.  Since our fledgeling start-up, our efforts had not been hassle free, but we walk with intuitive intelligence in the light of the Divine. At present our college has a strength of 2500 students in 12 U.G programmes, 10 P.G programmes, 4 M.Phil programmes and 9 Research centres. Further the college offers nearly a dozen certificate courses. The college has a good number of high profile alumnae. The multi-cultural ambience has an incantatory power to dissolve boundaries and create new dreams.  Our campus has in store a lot of future promises and we know that we have miles and miles to go before we could rest on our laurels. Our journey and quest will continue! Home


    Available courses


    • To enable the students to understand the basic concepts of Economics, market structure and distribution theories.
    • To know the functioning of the different market situations, price fixation so as to start a small firm and be self employed 

    To understand the basic principles of electricity and magnetism, electronics and thermal Physics. 

    The course gives the basic knowledge of optic fibers and its applications in communication. The course also imparts students the concepts of LCD, Laser, modulation, and Detection in the communication process.


    1. To enable the students to understand crystal structure, phonons, energy bands, semiconductor crystals, magnetism and superconductivity
    2. To acquire knowledge in developing advanced materials and devices in semiconductor and electronics industry

    Objective: 1.To introduce the concepts of quantum mechanics and study their applications.

                       2. To use quantum mechanical principles to analyze advanced Physical phenomena of nature.

    To study about polymer materials

    To prepare polymers

    1. To study the nucleophilic substitution and elimination reactions
    2. To know about aromaticity and organic reactions.
    3. To gain knowledge on bio-active molecules and natural products.

    Objectives: 1.To impart basic entrepreneurial skills in promoting industries.

                        2. To explore new vistas of entrepreneurship and to generate innovative business ideas.

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