Social work is an important discipline, which helps the intellectual development of the students. It helps the students for the total development of personality, the physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing. Social work offers life skills than any other subject. It provides an opportunity to study the human personality in relation to circumstances and fosters a sense of human responsibility. It trains the mind for scientific enquiry to the origin, course and nature of human activities. With the study of Social work one can have a better perspective of the world around him or her. The subjects in social work trains the students to think, analyze, plan, and act according to the social needs and can be committed to development of the citizens who are marginalized.

To know the basic concepts and theories about society and to gain knowledge about the contribution of different sociological thinkers.

To develop students’ appreciation for diversity and skills to work with multi-cultures people.

To acquire skills to identify and critically analyze existing and emerging social problems.