Semester : I Allied I

Name of the Course : Cell Biology and Plant Anatomy

Subject code : BA1711

CO Upon completion of this course the students will be able



addressed CL

CO - 1 Recognize the feature of plant anatomy : at the cell, tissue

and organ level

PSO - 7 R

CO - 2 Differentiate Prokaryotes from Eukaryotes PSO - 1 U

CO - 3 Know the complexity of xylem and phloem. PSO - 1 U

CO - 4 Compare and contrast the organization of mitotic and

meiotic cell division in plant and to learn about cell cycle

PSO - 3 E

CO - 5 Compare the structure and functions of living and non -

living inclusions in plants

PSO - 3 E

CO - 6 Understand about the difference between the primary and

secondary structures of plant.

PSO - 7 U